A quick reference guide to trouble shooting your Ozpig

These are the most likely the reasons why you’re Ozpig will smoke or not give off enough heat for cooking or heating:

How did you light the fire?

  • Did you leave the BBQ plate closed over the fire when starting?
    This can restrict the amount of oxygen feeding the new fire, making it hard to light and generating a lot of smoke.
  • Did you close the door after lighting your fire?
    If you have an original solid door, it should remain open at all times so that the fire does not suffocate. The Ozpig has been designed for the door to be kept open to give you the ambience and enjoyment of watching the flames.
  • Did you use the wrong sized timber?
    Some people make the mistake of throwing thick pieces of timber straight in to the chamber when they first start up their Ozpig instead of starting the the fire with kindling placed in a ‘teepee’ formation. If the fire is not started with small pieces of timber, it will smolder and not catch alight properly, and therefore will generate a lot of smoke.
  • Did you use the wrong type of timber?
    If you are using timber that is not seasoned properly or left to dry for long enough, it will still contain a lot of sap and resin which will cause the fire to produce a lot of smoke and also clog up your chimney pieces leading to them becoming stuck together.
  • How thick are the pieces of timber you are using ?
    As a guide, the thickest pieces of timber that you use in the Ozpig should be no greater that the diameter of a soft drink can and 300mm long (as long as a ruler). Pieces of this size should only be added after you have started the fire with your teepee of kindling. If you use larger pieces of timber you will find they tend to smolder and not catch alight well.
  • How much timber have you put in the chamber?
    Do not over load the Ozpig with timber. If you try to fill the chamber up with wood the fire will be choked out and as it will be impossible to get enough oxygen and it will smoke a lot! Once you have made you fire as per our guide above, place 3 pieces of timber the size of a soft drink can and approximately 300mm, in to the chamber in a crisscrossed arrangement and allow these pieces to burn right down until they have formed good coals. You can then add 2 to 3 more pieces to generate good strong heat. Remember that wood placement is important to remember as oxygen always needs to able to flow around the chamber so that you don’t choke out the fire.

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