How to reduce the smoke from the front door

It is possible that you have overloaded the chamber with wood. 
The Ozpig has been made to be small enough to be portable and therefore too much timber or to large a piece of timber will prevent oxygen from circulating through the chamber to encourage a good strong flame.
This will result in a slow smolder that creates smoke.

The best way to avoid this is to create a ‘criss-cross’ with the timber to ensure the flame will catch easily – remember to keep the door open at all times. If you are using the vented door, it can help to leave the door open until the fire is well established and coals are developing. It is also advisable to build your fire towards the front of the Ozpig chamber, as oxygen will reach it more readily.


  • Make sure your BBQ plate is not positioned over the fire when starting.

  • Keep the door open.

  • Start the fire with kindling and fire lighters and gradually build up to larger pieces. Watching this You Tube clip may help you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-M2zcpZgiXw

  • Use dryer, seasoned timber to reduce sap and moisture content that creates smoke

  • Wood should be no bigger than the circumference of a soft drink can

  • Regularly remove the ash build up from the bottom of the belly before lighting making sure you leave a few coals behind.


The Vented Door is not being effective.  

For best results with the Vented door; leave the door open until the fire is well established and coals are developing before closing it gradually – if you close the door too quickly you will restrict the larger fire and will cause it to smoke. Also, set your Ozpig up with the vented door facing in to the wind. Once again, do not overload the chamber with wood.

What is the diffuser for and how do I use it?

The Diffuser helps you regulate the amount of heat that reaches the pots and pans you use on top of your Ozpig for cooking.

By placing the Diffuser on top of the unit between the fire and your cooking you will be able get a more moderate heat. It’s just like using a gas stove on medium heat. To get an even lower simmering temperature for slow cooking, place use your BBQ plate on top of the Diffuser, then add your pot/Dutch oven or camp oven etc.

The Chimney pieces are difficult to pull apart.

This can be caused by using timber that is not seasoned properly, as it will still contain a high amount of sap. The sap vapor sometimes builds up in the chimney and makes it difficult to take the chimney sections apart.

If this happens, build a fire in your Ozpig to allow the heat to melt the sap. Using a pair of leather gloves, gently pull the chimney apart. Allow to the sections to cool and spray with WD40 or something similar. In some cases, the Ozpig may have been left in the elements for a long period inviting rust in to the joints. The most effective way to fix this problem is to spray each joint with WD40 while the chimney is cool, and give them a careful tap with a blunt object. This will loosen them sufficiently to enable you to season each section properly to prevent this happening again.

Removing rust from the BBQ plates

These simple steps can help get your BBQ plates back looking like new:

  1. Clean off any of the excess scale rust with a wire brush or a buffing wheel on a grinder, ensuring that you take the surface back to bare metal.

  2. Wipe the plate clean with a cloth or paper towel

  3. Season your BBQ plate all over with a light coat of oil. We recommend flaxseed oil as it is a hard drying oil which transforms into a hard, tough film. Once coated with this thin coat of oil, heat the plate until it smokes, then remove it from the heat and wipe off excess oil with paper towel. Repeat this step 2 or 3 times or until paper towel looks clean. This can be done on top of the Ozpig or in an oven.


To minimize the risk of rust to all part of your Ozpig, keep it out of the elements, and keep up the recommended maintenance suggested in your Handbook. You may like to purchase a cover from our accessory range to keep your ‘Pig’ in pristine condition. There are also a number of helpful clips on You tube on seasoning outdoor cooking stations.

Repainting your Ozpig

This is a tricky one as there are many different heat proof paints on the market. Most heat proof paint will only tolerate around 300 degrees celsius before deteriorating, even though they say 500 degrees. The big thing remember is not to treat your BBQ plates in the same manner as they are food grade and safe for cooking.

The following things are good to keep in mind when repainting or touching up the paint on your Ozpig:

The surface needs to be cleaned thoroughly and taken back to bare metal in order for new paint to adhere properly. If you have the opportunity to sand blast the unit, this is ideal as you can be sure that all rust has been removed. This can actually be quite a cost effective option worth investigating.

People have suggested that ‘Stove Bright’ paint for external use, in silencer zinc coat. http://www.stovebright.com.au/ , or Exhaust Enamel paint. Both options come in a spray can and are easy to apply when the directions on the can are properly followed.

When looking to coat your Ozpig, we would suggest you view some very useful You Tube clips that Stove Bright have published. By following these, you can ensure that your Ozpig will come up good as new. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrStoveBright

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